5 DIY Fixes For Slow Laptops … You Can Do It!!

February 26, 2018 / by Fathi Alsharif
5 DIY Fixes For Slow Laptops … You Can Do It!!

Ever had issues with a slow-running laptop? Ever tried to save a document you were working on and had to wait a good few minutes for it to finish saving? Or maybe tried opening a new tab and had enough time to go make a sandwich while you wait for it to open?

We have all been there at some point, so the frustration is relatable. At work, we all have been through that moment when your boss wants to see that file, but your computer just won’t react, or when a customer is waiting and you are pretending to be active to make that time go faster.

Thankfully there are some quick useful tips that you could try by yourself to fix the (really annoying) problem of a slow running laptop! Indeed we, GEEKS, have found that some of the problems our customers were facing just needed a quick home fix, instead of a Geek’s intervention.

Below are few DIY tips to help your computer run faster:
  1. The all-time favorite but oh so effective cliché: reboot or restart your computer! This technique deletes all the temporary stored data on your laptop that could be responsible for slowing it down.
  2. Make sure your recycle bin is empty. All the files you don’t need any more are there and taking up a lot of room from your storage and thus slowing your laptop down.
  3. Remove unused programs. Go to your Control Panel, select the Remove Programs function to get rid of all unused applications and programs. By freeing up your disk space you will be increasing your laptop’ speed.
  4. Use your antivirus software to check for malware and viruses. These are every computer owner’s daily threats and a lot of tools are now available to prevent and remove them. Make it a daily habit!
  5. Disable your startup programs. A lot of programs start running in the background when you turn on your computer, even when you don’t need them. Disable and prevent them from loading every time in the Start Up section of your computer to save up on that energy and speed.

These are the basic steps every Geek checks before pulling out the big guns, so why not try do it yourself first!

If after all the above fixes your computer is still slow, then, you will need an expert to evaluate the source of the problem and help you resolve it. You could be in need to upgrade your RAM (memory), your hard drive or other geeky things …It’s time to reach out to GEEKS!

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