Zero Unplanned Downtime: A Myth Or A Reality ?

April 2, 2018 / by Fathi Alsharif
Zero Unplanned Downtime:  A Myth Or A Reality ?

How big is the impact of Business Downtime?

The latest Vanson Bourne study reveals that 75% of the surveyed IT leaders* estimate that by 2020, machines will be able to predict issues better than humans.
This is a good omen for businesses that are currently overwhelmed with unplanned business downtime, its high costs and negative repercussions on profitability and growth.

Indeed, Business Downtime is at the heart of every company’s concern nowadays with the rise of dependence on machines, new technologies, and the internet.

Businesses are more and more connected, and unplanned downtime is now a frequent, recurrent and costly issue as new types of threats and issues are discovered every day.
It affects the company as a whole rather than just a department, and directly impacts productivity (cited by 60% of the surveyed as the most impacted area).

The need to identify, control and prevent these issues is becoming imminent. Companies are heading towards a proactive and preemptive approach to IT asset management, versus break & fix and reactive approaches.

  • On average, the surveyed organizations have experienced at least 2 episodes of unplanned and costly downtime over the past 3 years
  • Key impacts include not being able to deliver services to customers (46%) and losing production time on a critical asset (37%)

Innovation in technology has a substantial impact on the support, maintenance, and management of IT assets & infrastructure in a company.
Businesses are slowly moving towards investing in predictive IT Support technologies as they will help them improve productivity and minimize losses due to outages and missed opportunities.

How are new preemptive technologies and solutions helping?

When it comes to IT, we are seeing a significant increase in the number of businesses shifting towards IT automation, and predictive and preemptive management of issues before they even occur.

The unplanned side of downtime is what makes prevention even more important, as with no visibility it is hard for a company to assess the length of the outage and find alternatives.
The survey results cover different fields including manufacturing, medical, oil, and gas, energy and utilities, telecoms, distribution, logistics, and transport sectors; they convey the market’s general and common perception and its trend in shifting to automation no matter the sector, size, and need of the business.

  • 81% believe that digital tools can eliminate unplanned downtime
  • 72% report that achieving zero unplanned downtime is a very high priority for their organizations’ board, with 20% saying it is their number one priority
  • Drivers for this planned investment include the fear of unplanned downtime (41%) and the costs associated with downtime (36%)

These numbers reflect the lack of visibility and control companies have over their resources including their IT assets, which is the reason behind frequent and unplanned outages and failures, while Hardware (46%) and software (40%) failures/malfunctions are the most commonly reported causes of unplanned downtime (learn more about The Top 3 IT Causes for Business Downtime In Dubai ).

Zero downtime is now the number 1 priority or at least one of the top priorities for 72% of organizations.

Luckily new technologies are helping improve this situation and increase awareness around it. In the IT sector, new support solutions are emerging: IT Automation is disrupting the legacy of Managed IT Support.

Automated IT Support allows companies to have their entire IT infrastructure connected and constantly monitored by a skilled team of technicians. This approach guarantees 100% business continuity through its proactive approach to support: it predicts issues, identifies threats and implements solutions before the problem even occurs.

Data-Driven Automated IT is a great solution for companies struggling to keep their company up and running 24/7 due to IT caused business downtime. While in most cases companies already have their own IT departments, it is hard for these departments to keep up with new issues and threats.
And that’s where we, GEEKS, can help your business with our Automated and data-driven IT solutions that allows you to take control over your IT.

To sum it all up, with the ever-increasing threats attacking companies and specifically IT Networks and Assets, business owners and stakeholders should be more aware and remain vigilant about their IT infrastructure’s health.
From networks and servers to endpoint devices, a company’s productivity, revenue, and growth heavily rely on the efficiency and performance of these assets.
Selecting the right and reliable IT support provider and shifting to a data-driven automated approach can help you get that peace of mind you long for and thus focus on other areas of growth.

Just fill the form below or call us and our Geeks will happily answer all your questions and concerns about out Automated IT Support solutions.


Source: Vanson Bourne’s study : “After The Fall: Cost, Causes and Consequences of Unplanned Downtime” that surveyed a panel of 450 field service and IT decision makers in the UK, US, France, and Germany across the manufacturing, medical, oil and gas, energy and utilities, telecoms, distribution, logistics and transport sectors, among others


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