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Need to install CCTV cameras, alarms, and access control systems? We can set up a full security surveillance systems in Dubai

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The need to install CCTV solutions as part of a full surveillance system is important for any business and even home if necessary.

Several options exist for CCTV solutions, from POE cameras, hidden cameras, night vision cameras, WiFi cameras, all the way to battery powered remote installed cameras for indoor and outdoor usage. The type of CCTV setup you need will depend on the location and the purpose of the surveillance system. We will start by scoping and surveying your location and provide the best recommendation for the environment.

The same applies for door access control systems and biometric systems – whether it’s for your home or business – we’ll provide the best security solution for it. For home security systems, from nanny cams, intruder alarm systems and more, we’ll survey your home and give you the best security system so you always feel safe in your home.

For storing video recordings and being able to monitor your location remotely, we offer a wide range of options from cloud bank encrypted recording tools to using on-premise Digital or Network Video Recording (DVR/NVR) systems – or even a hybrid of both worlds. Our professional technicians are extremely experienced in installing surveillance systems in Dubai and will always put their best recommendation forward, so you can rest easy knowing you have the best working for you.