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Think you have what it takes?


Each entity, each person, each team have their own way in which they contribute to society.

Us here at GEEKS have our own way as well, and it’s pretty sweet. We are heavily involved in improving people’s everyday lives by helping them where we can and where they need it, which is their tech.

Whether it’s physically broken or it’s too tough to handle, we will walk the world through the sophisticated world of tech, to which we’re all so emotionally attached.

Most importantly, we do it well and we do it with heart. So if you’ve got the right attitude and set of skills, then why not BECOME A GEEK?



In other words, pure honesty. After all, we’re consumers too, we know what drives consumers mad and what makes them happy. We strive to make our workplace an enjoyable playground and our consumer-base our natural free-of-charge brand reps.


It’s really what makes or breaks a business like ours. While a lot of similar businesses preach it, we make the results speak for themselves. 


If it’s good quality, done with honesty but takes a really long time, then you’d be right not to talk to us again. We make sure our operation helps you make the best use of your time, which is why we come to you and not the other way around. Yes, we love you too.


We embody the attitude and intent of the brand without talking to you out of a robotic script. How can we be transparent otherwise?  After all, we know we might be talking to likeminded individuals who might be as addicted to Candy Crush (still) as we are. Don’t worry though, we don’t send our customers Farm Ville invites.


Get verified

Our Geeks go through an assessment to make sure every team member is qualified to the standards expected.

Download the Geeks App

Once you get verified, you get access to the Geeks app.

Get notified about jobs that match your skillset

When a client needs help with a job that matches your talent, the app will notify you.

Accept the jobs that suit you

You have the freedom to accept the jobs that you feel you're comfortable with and decline others.

Deliver the job the Geek way

Once you accept a job, the customer will be notified and the job will be added to your schedule, you then have to make sure you deliver the job the geeks way.

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