Most common tech problem in Dubai? You guessed it: Broken iPhones

April 22, 2017 / by Fathi Alsharif
Most common tech problem in Dubai? You guessed it: Broken iPhones

iPhones are these precious pieces of interactive jewellery. They come in precious silver, elegant gold, rare rose gold, and exclusive petroleum jet black.And like all pieces of fine jewellery, iPhones have an inherent tendency to find themselves attracted to dust, wear and tear, and are very prone to gravity.

We have all been there, when our palms are slightly sweatier than the recommended daily allowance, when the corner of the table is not accommodating enough, when your friend insists on seeing taking the selfie with your phone … that moment when your iPhone is at the full mercy of gravity, and falls flat on the ground. In silence we all stand, confused, angered, afraid of the truth. A case of Schrödingerʼs Cat: your iPhone is both broken and not broken, and the only way to find out is to pick it up and observe it.

While the floor may be the iPhones archenemy, there are plenty of things that can go wrong. Older iPhones are not waterproof,  so we all have a dedicated bowl of rice for such incidents. Dust, humidity (and water) can damage the speakers and microphone, or degrade either considerably. And that pesky home button tends to malfunction more often than not, which is why many people enable the soft home button in accessibility.

That said, there are a few things you can do to take care of your iPhone.

Cases are your best friend

Itʼs almost heartbreaking when you invest in a beautiful phone (especially the exclusive jet black)  then have to cover it to protect it. But the truth of the matter is, itʼs best for you in the long run. Apple sells many cases in different colors, both in silicon and in leather, and the third party market for iPhone cases is HUGE. Stylize your phone in any way you like, but here are some tips for a great case:

● Make sure the corners are well protected

● Thin cases may be nice, but they offer little protection

● Some cases do not offer protection to the speakers and Lightening-port, so get one that does

● Leather cases absorb sweat over time and will get discolored

● If you want to show off your phone, get a clear case, but make sure itʼs thick enough

● Just because a case is expensive does not mean it is good!

My personal favorite is the sleek, clear tech21 case. Itʼs solid, covers the whole phone, and slightly protrudes to protect your screen in case your phone falls face down on the ground.

Consider a screen protector

If youʼre not very thrilled with protecting your phone with a case, you may want to at least use a screen protector. There are many cheap knock-offs on the market, so be wary. It wonʼt protect the other parts of the phone, but itʼll minimize the damage done to your screen.

Table edges are danger zones

It sounds logical, but keeping the phone at the tableʼs edge isnʼt the best idea. That said, we naturally place it to our right (or left, if youʼre a leftie) when we sit down, and thatʼs usually where the edge is. Place the phone toward the middle of the table instead, but not so much so that it appears as a heat mat for the waiter to serve your food on.

Pockets and purses are torture chambers

Donʼt throw in your phone in your purse or pockets where your keys, coins, and other sharp items are. Itʼs like throwing your best friend into a pool of piranhas. Have your phone in its own pocket or compartment in your purse instead. Alternatively, use a screen protector.

Be aware of the weather

During the summer, thereʼs a huge discrepancy in temperature between being indoor and the humid heat blaze outside. Not limited to iPhones, electronics usually donʼt respond well to these sudden changes in temperatures; the components expand and retract, and moisture accumulates in the little pores (and, if your phone isnʼt sealed properly, then moisture accumulates in the internal components too). Using your phone when you immediately venture outside will put the phone at risk, especially the speakers and microphone, which are the most exposed to the elements. Give your iPhone a few minutes to adjust to the outside weather before making that phone call.


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