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Mobile Repairs

Whether it’s a broken screen or a simple battery replacement, at Geeks we aim to repair your mobile device in 20 minutes or less to make sure you don't spend downtime without your sweet device and to make sure your confidentiality is protected.

iPad Repairs

If you are facing issues with your iPad submit a request and a Geek will be on his way to save your sweet device. Repair services include screen, camera, sound, power and body

Laptop Repairs

Whether your laptop has a hardware or software issue, submit a request and certified Geek will be on his way to save your device.

Corporate Mobile Device Repair

On-location mobile device repair services; our team of certified Geeks will deliver a reliable, timely and frictionless service by mobilizing to your location to repair the broken device. This will keep your employees available at all times and eliminate confidentiality breach risks.

SME IT Services

Specialized IT services tailored for small and medium sized business tailored to your needs. One-stop-shop for all your IT needs network, servers, PCs, Laptops, MACs and mobiles.

We understand the feeling of frustration caused by technology that's not working properly.

Whether your machine not working, slow, has a virus, needs a new software license or suffers from any software related issue. Submit a request and a Geek will be on his way to get things back to the way they should be.

We'll get your wired or wireless network performance up to speed.

Network setup and configuration isn't always straightforward, and also depends on factors like the home or office layout. Proper placement of these networking devices and setting access controls can make all the difference between a lightning-fast Internet connection and one that's barely getting the job done. As network experts, we'll use our knowledge and experience to provide the best solution for you.


Guy and a girl with broken devices.

Crying used to be the first step.Save your tears, get in touch with Geeks

A geek comes to the rescue and fixes a laptop and a phone.

Tech-support comes to you now, saving you time and your parking spot

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With minimal movement and max convenience, your tech issues no longer exist




Your tech issues will never distract you from your priorities again! Just get in touch and we’ll come to you right away

Skilled Resources

We provide you with certified tech-experts that know exactly what they are doing

Guaranteed Service

We guarantee that we will get you up and running, you don't pay if your issue isn't resolved

2 Year Warranty

All parts used in repairs come with a two-year warranty to give you peace of mind


Happy girl smiling.
Thank you Geeks! As always super efficient and reliable service, great job!
A girl and a guy smiling.
Excellent service. Picked up and dropped back my laptop all upgraded and running brilliantly. Will definitely be using your service again guys!
Happy customer.
Haven't found a service of this stature in any place that i've been too. Exceptional customer service and the price is more than competitive. Highly recommended!