Your Phone Won’t Turn On? Here’s What to do!

July 2, 2018 / by Fathi Alsharif
Your Phone Won’t Turn On? Here’s What to do!

You pressed the Power button but nothing is happening. Not a single light. We know the feeling. It’s daunting…But all is not lost just yet! You can still follow our 4 steps guide below to revive your phone.

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  1. Connect it to a charger (making sure you can see the Battery Charging sign) and leave it for 15 minutes. If it is still not turning on, try charging it again with another cable and charger. Avoid using fake chargers and cables.
  2. If your device allows it, you can remove the battery and replace it with another, preferably a new battery, then try turning it on again.
  3. Remove all connected hardware like SD cards and try powering it on again. Don’t put them back if your phone turns on.
  4. Fully reboot your device by pressing down the Power + Home + Volume Down buttons for at least 15 seconds (buttons could be different depending of the device’s brand and model).
    Be careful and do further research on the model of your device. If not handled correctly, this could delete all the data that hasn’t been backed up.

By now your device should be working properly. If not, it is time to reach out to phone professionals who will determine whether it is a hardware or software issue and fix it for you!
There are a lot of tools and solutions left to recover your phone and/or your files rather than have it sit in a drawer somewhere.

If you have any questions or need help with your phone, reach out to us on or give us a call on 8007475 and we will happily help you!

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