Audio Video Services

Need Audio Video Services for your business in Dubai? From presentation tools to video conferencing solutions and visual projectors, we can take care of it all!

Meeting Room & Presentation Solutions

GEEKS will help you increase your meetings efficiency and simplify your teamwork by providing you with the best solutions & tools for your meeting room: high-end media displays (projectors), collaboration tools the best presentation and communication solutions.

Audio Video Conferencing Solutions

Conference calls, audio calls, and group meetings will be taken to the next level with GEEKS. Establish better and clearer real-time communication between all parties whether they are inside or outside the office. Our conferencing solutions are smart, cost-effective and use the latest technologies.

Skype For Business

Skype for Business will allow for more fluid communication internally between employees and externally with clients. Its value-added features include instant messaging, voice calls, video calls and real-time status updates to help minimize congestion and guarantee better communication channels.

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    Make the most of your meetings and conference calls with the best Audio Video Services from GEEKS! We can improve your communication tools to bring your team closer together and increase your meetings and collaborations’ efficiency. We will help you set up and implement the most appropriate and adequate tools according to your business needs, office and meeting room structures. 

     Our solutions are smart, modular, scalable, cost-effective and not equipment-heavy. Your meeting and the quality of your conference calls will vastly improve with the setup and addition of the latest technologies and equipment.

    You will be able to easily present and share your presentation with the attendees while using the best collaboration tools, monitors, visual projectors and display equipment. 

    Team projects and collaborations (internally or with third parties like investors, customers, etc.) will now run smoothly and with no communication gaps or cuts whether through audio calls, video calls or conferences. Your company’s productivity will be boosted. 

    We can also help set up a system for video conferencing and calls using Microsoft-approved video interoperability solutions that connect your existing video solutions into a Skype for Business call, seamlessly. 

    We can set up collaboration tools for your business to simplify your work streams and bring your team closer together. That coupled with presentation tools such as sourcing and installing projectors in your office, will boost overall productivity in your company. 


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