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Need audio and video support in Dubai for your business? From IP PBX servers to sourcing visual projectors, we can take care of it for you.

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We provide numerous audio and video services in Dubai for businesses and organizations. We can help you set up a smart cost-effective solution for audio by utilizing VoIP PBX servers so your business can save on fixed costs and minimize network management since it uses an IP data network as opposed to telephone lines.

We can also help set up a system for video conferencing and calls using Microsoft-approved video interoperability solutions that connect your existing video solutions into a Skype for Business call, seamlessly.

We can also set up collaboration tools for your business to ease work streams and bring your team closer together. That coupled with presentation tools such as sourcing and installing projectors in your office, will boost overall productivity in your company.

Skype for Business will allow for more fluid communication internally to employees and externally to clients. Its value-add features include instant messages, voice calls, video calls and real-time status updates to help minimize congestion and enforce better communication channels. Contact us to find out more information about this service and our Microsoft trained team members will provide everything you need to help you make a decision on the tool.

We can also provide high-end projectors and presentations solutions for meeting rooms solutions to allow your employees to quickly share and collaborate on work. The solutions will allow you to expand your meetings beyond the status quo of audio calls and group meetings; these solutions will take you a step further by furnishing your meeting rooms with all collaboration tools and devices to improve your productivity and minimize any communication gaps.