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Utilize our on-demand model to benefit from priority scheduling, larger discounts, and much more!

Our free customized platform for your business and/or academic institution allows you to create employee logins, schedule on-site repairs, track repair histories, and view all invoices for your enterprise-issued devices. Just log a request on the platform and a Geek will be routed to your location immediately!

Additionally, to nurture our long-term committment to your organization, we will provide promotions to all your employees and students for their personal devices.



A free centralized platform to manage all your hardware repairs


Our on-demand model ensures minimal downtime. No more long waits for appointments.


Discounts are provided for all your employees and students for their personal devices too.


We provide high quality repairs at your desired location.

Account Manager

Your dedicated account manager faciliates all your requests

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Manage all your company mobile assets with remote wipeout and data restrictions.

Complete Data Confidentiality

To maintain trust and data confidentiality, we opt to undertake the repairs next to you. #dataconfidentiality


All Geeks are extensively background-checked and rigorously trained to provide the highest quality service.


Most replacement parts are backed by a lifetime warranty, barring no incidental or liquid damage.

Phone & Tablet Repair

High-quality Repairs

  • Screen

    Replacing cracked or malfunctioning screens

  • Body

    Replacing damaged back covers

  • Power

    Replacing batteries and charging ports

  • Sound

    Replacing microphones, speakers and earpieces

  • Liquid Damage

    Case-by-case data recovery services

  • Camera

    Replacing/ Cleaning front and rear cameras

Laptop Upgrade & Repair

Optimize & Repair

  • Screen

    Replace / Repair screens

  • Battery

    Replace / Install new batteries

  • Keyboard

    Replace / Install new keyboards

  • Fan

    Clean current fan or install new fan

  • Storage

    Replace hard drive

  • Speed

    Improve speed by installing RAM / SSD

  • Virus

    Clean devices from viruses. Anti-virus installation

  • Factory Restore

    Restoring to its original state

  • Optimization

    Optimize your software and make your laptop more efficient

  • Software

    Install software licenses eg. Microsoft / Adobe

  • Data Backup

    Backup data on an external drive or a cloud server

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