Home Automation Services

Looking to transform your typical home into a trendy, smart and automated home? We have all the expertise and tools to help you with this transformation! You will not only be riding the trend but with smart locks, smart lighting and sound, connected thermostats and home appliances automation you will be getting higher security and energy savings.

Home Automation Setup

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    Can you imagine your home becoming all automated? 

    We GEEKS can provide you with all the support you need to turn your home into a smart home up to the international standards!  You will be able to control remotely every part of your house be it your lights, sound system, heating, air conditioning, security and even your home appliances, all through an application or Voice Device Hubs . 

    We can: 

    • install and implement the proper switches and sensors like smart electric plugs ( TP-Link Smart Plug) as well as Smart Wall Switches to be able to connect, support and control all your smart home devices and applications  
    • Grant you total control and security over your home by installing the best smart locks (August Smart Lock, August Smart Lock Wi-Fi enabler) and smart doorbells 
    • Automate your lighting with smart bulbs like Philips Hue so that  you can choose the lighting mood you want  
    • Set-up and install Smart Security Systems & Cameras so that you can stay aware of what is happening inside or outside your home, at any time, with devices like Nest Cam Security Cameras for both outdoor and indoor 
    • Install your connected thermostats for smarter heating and air conditioning. Devices like Nest Learning Thermostat will allow you to remotely control your home’s temperature  
    • Set-up and connect your smart devices and applications to a central smart hub/gateway that you can control either through a mobile application with just a click or by giving commands and chatting with Alexa from Amazon’s Echo Family or the Google assistant from Google Home etc. 


    And it doesn’t stop here! Since smart homes require performant and fast Wi-Fi, we can help you efficiently maximize your connection! You can check out our services here (link to Wi-Fi support page) 

    Are you ready to have our team of experts you automate your home the smart way? Just drop us a line, give us a call or drop by our Dubai,UAE office to find out more!