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Office IT Healthcheck

Looking for an IT company in Dubai to conduct a full health check of your business? We have the best IT team for the job.

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We will carry out a full assessment of your IT environment starting with your network, server, WiFi, storage & cloud options, security, laptops, Macs, PCs, Softwares, antivirus software, and email hosting. We will look for vulnerabilities and any possible threats you have on your system, and then provide a list of recommendations to upgrade your IT system.

 We will provide recommendations such as whether you should just upgrade devices and services rather than buy new ones, data confidentiality and network security solutions, and security solutions for data recovery and cloud services.Having the right foundations in place limits the need of reactive unplanned IT support. As outsourced IT support for many businesses in Dubai, we conduct preventative checks to tackle IT issues before they occur. We believe that doing constant checks and having a systematic data-driven approach to your network and IT system makes sure your business is always up running so you can focus on your core.