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On-Premise NAS Server, Storage & Data Recovery

Need help setting up a NAS server in Dubai? We can help set up data storage as well as provide data recovery services.

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We will help set up a NAS (network attached storage) server by evaluating your storage capacity needs and implement a data recovery add-on that enforces minimal downtime and ensures no disruptions to your business.

There are several efficient features that can aid your business with this setup, such as on-premise file sharing, data backup solutions, and cost-effective data storage and management. By putting in place the right storage infrastructure you’re safeguarding your business in case data recovery situations, which can be easily done with proper backup and storage services in place for your Dubai business.



Hybrid integration with cloud and on-premise data storage make sure that your sensitive data is always secured and easily recovered. The integration will also include helpful features such as remote file access, the ability to control viewership or editor rights, and adaptable RAID configuration. Call us now or drop us a message and our IT team will get in touch with you right away to provide the best storage solution for you.