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Need to set up a secure network for your business in Dubai? We can set up a full secure system from the ground up.

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Your network is the heart of any IT environment. The right network setup eliminates more than 90% of all IT related issues. Analyzing the systems’ connections and identifying root causes and implementing fixes that will prevent these issues from occurring in the future is what a secure network is all about. Making sure the right security is set in place can create an impregnable infrastructure for data transfer and remote access for your business. This will ensure the security of your confidential systems and data is not compromised.

For a secure network installation, we set up local area networks (LAN) for businesses. LAN are integral to the operation of many businesses today. The most common LANs use Ethernet, a data link layer protocol, and Internet Protocol (IP), a network layer protocol. A LAN is comprised of many elements: printers, monitors, PCs, IP phones, servers, storage hardware, networking equipment, security software, network applications, enterprise applications, office productivity applications, and more. Devices on the network are linked physically by twisted pair copper, fiber or wireless access points. LAN Network Troubleshooting is typically the job for the frontline network support staff – engineers and technicians. Common Ethernet network troubleshooting problems include user connection issues and slow networks, and we can provide online remote support to guide your team on how to fix any issues to ensure that the business is disrupted at the minimum. To get more information on setting up secure network systems in Dubai, just give us a call and we’ll provide the best solution for your business.