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Need to set up a mobile VoIP system or call center for your business? We can complete the setup from start to finish!

IP PBX Setup

You can rely on us to set up your entire call center system from sourcing the devices to familiarizing your team with the new system and its features.

IP PBX Troubleshooting

As a trusted Cisco partner, we will help you identify and fix any connectivity or physical issue so that you can run your day uninterrupted.

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    Private Branch Exchange (PBX), better known as a telephone switching system is the traditional way companies have been communicating internally and with their customers for decades.

    IP PBX shares similar characteristics (extensions, multiple lines, switch system) however, as opposed to being connected to a telecom provider, IP PBX runs on an IP data network and uses a VoIP (Voice over IP) protocol. Running on an IP PBX server and not on traditional telephone lines reduces communication and network management costs.

    Moreover, IP PBX systems such as Cisco and Avaya can not only be connected to physical phones but also integrated as softphones with PC and Mac, as well as Android and iPhone. These affordable unified communication systems can incorporate telephony, messaging, conferencing, contact center and video, all in one solution.

    An IP telephony system will allow you to monitor your business’s performance as well, especially if you rely on your call-center. And best of all, an IP PBX network will grow with your company, having the ability to scale up from 5 to 3000 users.

    Bottom line is that IP PBX is a scalable, more cost-efficient and an easy to maintain communication system, suitable for small, medium and large enterprises, that will positively impact your company’s overall productivity, internal collaboration, and customer service.


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