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Having WiFi signal problems? We’ll setup WiFi boosters and extenders in your home or office in Dubai.

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One of the most frustrating things about WiFi, other than not having any WiFi, is not being able to get the full signal no matter where you are in your home or office. Why should you have to go to the living room to get better WiFi signal? The most robust way to extend the WiFi network is by using access points where the backbone of the network is done on a physical cabled POE LAN network.

For installations concerning several access points, a controller is set to control mesh and routing to allow roaming across access points on the same network name SSID. In other words, we’ll set up your WiFi so it boosts speed and covers all areas perfectly without compromising signals in other areas.

Extenders also called ‘Range Repeaters’, are wireless devices which do exactly that. After proper configuration, they connect to your existing WiFi network and then pump out a new WiFi signal from their own onboard WiFi radio. This creates signal which will hopefully be broadcast somewhere that the previous signal would not reach. We have a highly trained team in just everything network and WiFi related, so drop us a message and we’ll come over for an on-site consultation right away!