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    The IT support company with the best SLAs and fastest response rate in Dubai

    Geeks brings you a new way to manage and improve your IT environment through a unique system created as a result of a focused approach of collecting customer feedback over several years.

    All your IT support requirements will be clearly measured and monitored on your dashboard and you will have instant access to highly skilled technical support specialists that come from different IT services backgrounds.

    With GEEKS IT Support Services in Dubai you will enjoy:

    24/7 proactive monitoring:

    Our constant monitoring of your business networks and servers through a centralized hub allows us to proactively respond to alerts and prevent tech failures before they arise, ensuring your business experiences 100% continuity and virtually no downtime. As a result, you and your team will become more productive will focus on growing the business.

    Specialized Certified Support

    You receive unlimited support from a large team of highly skilled, rigorously trained and certified technical resources across various IT disciplines (PC/MAC, servers, network, security, email and cloud). Whether it’s onsite or remote support, we ensure that you can always access support.

    Visibility and Ease of Use

    We provide you with full visibility to your IT workspace through your own personalized IT dashboard. Here you can log requests and queries, monitor all the resolved and pending issues, see all your IT assets (including all devices and software), and follow stats on the type of requests put in so far. It’s never been easier to log a request, get instant IT support and feel in control of your overall IT network.

    Predictive & Preventative Measures

    By constantly monitoring your office PCs, servers, and the overall network, we can identify and manage bottlenecks, potential problems and threats before they arise. i.e. weak Wi-Fi signal, malware threats, device reaching maximum space, low toner etc.

    This allows us to provide you with active vs reactive support, making it our mission to eliminate downtime.

    Cybersecurity and IT Policies

    We will assess your risks and implement a security strategy that will protect your business network against intrusion, malware, viruses, spam, and other hazards so that your employees work without disruption. We also ensure that all your data is safely backed up on cloud and at your workspace. Lastly you can rely on Geeks to train your staff and help you set up your company IT policies.

    Data back-up and recovery

    We ensure the right backup infrastructure is setup through our system, tailored towards your backup needs with the goal to ensure your company’s data is recoverable at any point especially in the event of a failure or an unforeseen disaster.

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      Our IT Support solutions are the best in Dubai and the in the UAE. Whether remotely or on-site, you will benefit from dynamic and proactive IT services through a dedicated team of highly certified and skilled IT specialists, made to measure IT Support packages, as well as a customized dashboard for visibility to make sure your business runs seamlessly and with no interruption.
      In today’s world companies rely on IT more than ever and the costs of having full IT Support to maintain full business uptime are substantial, especially for SMEs. Therefore, your business needs an IT provider like Geeks to make sure you have a very efficient support and high-quality IT service without having to pay extra money or constantly wait for a response. Being the best IT Support company in Dubai and the UAE, we provide you with IT support (on-site or remotely) through a system that helps you manage your IT and monitor your SLAs that connect you with a large pool certified technical experts of who will take care of your tech and thus allow you to reach the peace of mind you need to focus on your company’s growth. With our IT Support plans you will enjoy a unique tailored package and access to the system giving you full visibility over your requests, infrastructure as well as all IT Assets & Network.