6 Ways IT Can Be A Growth Tool For SMEs

April 24, 2018 / by Fathi Alsharif
6 Ways IT Can Be A Growth Tool For SMEs

When it comes to IT, companies tend to underestimate the impact it can have on their business.

IT is just another tool used until there’s a cyber-threat or the servers go down. It is complicated and costly for most and the idea of working on it is daunting for many, especially for small and medium enterprises. As tech-dependency continues to grow exponentially, it is crucial for companies to take full control of their IT and learn how to maximize its potential.

Here are a few recommendations to help you make your IT assets a means of strength and growth:

  1. Determine if your IT infrastructure is helping you move forward or is holding you back
    As a business owner, it is essential that you ask yourself the proper questions to assess your IT’s contribution to your company’s growth. How much am I spending on IT? What are my highest IT related expenses? Is my network secure? Is my data backed-up? Am I experiencing costly downtime?
    Keeping an updated report or scorecard on all relevant information will support you with your decision process, IT investments, and most importantly will help you identify the areas that should/can be improved.
  1. Move your company to Cloud
    Cloud-based systems are more than a reliable Tech innovation for Data Backup and security against Data Breaches. They are flexible and can adapt to your needs and demand. Even more, your costs will be reduced as it helps you save on hardware, software, and other mandatory assets in traditional computing. Your team’s efficiency and productivity will also increase as cloud-based software facilitates real-time exchanges, collaborations and can be integrated with other business functions, apps, and services.
  1. Only use IT Professionals who know what they’re doing
    Reaching out to IT professionals is a step forward towards having your tech always up and running. But do not hand your precious assets to unworthy hands that might mess up or lose your data, or take advantage of your lack of IT expertise. Using a fully dedicated and certified team of professionals will help you set the proper, affordable and efficient IT infrastructure that you need
  1. Go for proactive and automated IT support
    Let’s be realistic here, it is hard for companies nowadays, especially smaller businesses, to keep up with both their competition and the market’s growth without the support of a reliable technology infrastructure. Shifting to Automated IT Support Solutions is an affordable, cost-effective and smart move that will allow you to predict and resolve issues before they happen, monitor your network 24/7 and ensure full protection against potential threats and breaches, without taking up your team’s precious time and focus.
  1. Maintain a people-process-technology balance
    Once your IT assets are optimized, managed and automated, their value will increase. But to maximize their performance SME’s should not forget to adapt their people and processes to the technologies in place, and vice-versa for the business to keep working efficiently towards the ultimate goal: revenue and growth.
  1. Observe the market’s trend, and get inspired
    Learn from the market and its behavior especially by observing companies similar to yours in size and/or sector. This will give you extra insight on how others have set up their IT infrastructure and the most successful solutions they opted for. The lessons others have learned are a great tool to be considered when making your decision on the best IT solutions for your business.

Maximizing your IT Infrastructure’s performance lies in optimizing its processes, ensuring full protection against threats, reducing IT management costs and increasing your asset’s productivity and efficiency all the while maintaining virtually zero downtime.

If you wish to learn more about how you can improve your business through IT, just drop us a line below, call us or visit our Dubai HQ. We are always happy to share our expertise!


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