Server Support Services

With GEEKS' intelligent Server Management & Backup, you will get increased server performance with no downtime. GEEKS Server Support can handle all your server needs from installation and configuration to maintenance.

Server Proactive Monitoring

We will proactively predict and prevent server issues before they happen. Our Advanced Performance Monitoring tools will predict issues and promptly send you warnings and our engineers will resolve these issues immediately.


Are you looking to save money, build your own cloud and get the best performance and productivity by virtualizing your workloads? We can provide you with the most up-to-date software, firmware, or hardware hypervisors to create virtual instances through VMware, Hyper-V, Veeam Backup etc.

File Sharing

A smart file sharing structure can protect your data against failures and make file sharing easier. We will help you efficiently implement the best up-to-date solutions like RAID architecture for fast file sharing, Raid10, using the latest technologies and the best tools like Windows Server file sharing.

Application Servers

Do you need to seamlessly host and support a software? GEEKS can provide you with on-premise application hosting that will allow you to efficiently use and manage any software your business needs on your server, be it an accounting software, a CRM software or any other software or application that your business depends on.

Active Directory & DNS

Directory services automate network management through a centralized system. GEEKS will help you install and use them to enable you to enforce usability rules, and manage users' accesses, security policies, software installations, updates and more.

Cloud Servers

Being a Microsoft partner we can setup Azure Cloud Server for your business. This will provide you with comprehensive cloud migration solutions that allows you to scale your high-performance cloud computing with just a few clicks, and securely extend your on-premises backup storage and data archiving.

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    Our server support teams are experts in assisting with hardware for server systems, which are used to connect computers and telecommunications for clients and businesses. Customized services are provided to the clients and businesses as per their requirements. With individual knowledge that puts them apart as certified professionals of server support services in Dubai.

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    Experience in supporting and maintaining the different server principles; server hardware, server Operating Systems, and server application security; project management methodology; client-server environment; and networking principles. Our server support teams actively work on ensuring the different scheduled support and other project deadlines are met while maintaining a high level of user trust, satisfaction and confidence. While there is a wide range of server systems available in the market, for small businesses it’s Microsoft Windows Server that is very prolific and useful.
    For the best performance, server functions like application servers, database servers, email servers, and web servers are specifically configured specially. A local network area known as LAN is generally is where clients and businesses can connect from computer to servers. Some things like storing files or accessing database information are all requested by the desktop computers to the servers. For these requests by the desktop computer, files are returned and information access is provided to the database, in response by the server. So, a local server is where an application is run that is on the same machine as on the client’s application while maintaining security so that the client’s information isn’t shared in other devices.
    We keenly focus on server health, as if it goes down, then the entire network will get affected, therefore a proactive approach is needed towards server health. So, addressing it on time will lead to prevention and keep the server available and secure to add to the longevity of the business continuation. Tailoring our desktop and server support services to meet the requirement of the client’s business. Ensuring that the computer networks run smoothly and are secured to the highest level to maintain the consistency of our best server support services in Dubai. We offer professional server administration services. If clients come across a difficult situation, we help in running the application on the server and manage the server along with it, meeting the customer requirements as per their needs.
    Our professionals are equipped with the experience of having been trained to manage servers over the years. Since they do this as a routine, keeping their expertise sharp, saving time, and keeping the client strain-free and recommend the best server solution for efficiency of the client’s business. Regular maintenance is highly regarded by us so, our staff use processes regularly to patch the servers and keep them up to date. Monitoring servers and patching them up on a day-to-day basis to maintain order and prevent any risks associated with security holes, that might slow the response or cause a failure in the service provided.
    Keeping data secure is the foremost responsibility and is therefore treated very strictly at server support services in Dubai. Adding a layer of protection software with the installation of firewall and scanners that specialize in scanning for risks that may pose threat to the security. Therefore, all servers are scanned on a regular basis for any vulnerability and patched up swiftly. So, when clients plan to administer their own servers, our technical experts have the expertise to manage the server and keep it secure, increasing the security requirements. We offer a variety of data backup plans that meet the requirements of the clients. As data backups are essential to carry out and continue with business plans, should any disaster occur despite the best efforts of the clients. There can be an end number of reasons when servers malfunction and on occasions their components may fail, so it is necessary to monitor and troubleshoot the risks at the earliest. Therefore, it is necessary to figure out the cause of the problem and get it swiftly repaired at the earliest as it is of top priority.
    A few essential duties of our server support service teams are;
    Administering and maintaining servers for the network including hardware and operating systems. Administration and maintenance of overall systems of the client. Installation, configuration, and maintenance of operating system software, installation of new releases, application of patches or fixes, testing, and implementation into the environment of production. Research regarding the upkeep and smooth running of the server systems, installation, and configuration, while maintaining the tests and coordinating the implementation of operating system software and other vendor-supplied software updates, upgrades, and fixes. Overall installation and configuration to maintain the server health in the best interest of clients for securing their storage management, backup, archival, and other necessary recovery components for a secure network server environment. Tasked with other such duties for the smooth running and optimization of the server services we provide, our experts work in the best interest of our client’s satisfaction.

    Our server support services in Dubai brings numerous benefits to our clients and their business. If they have an IT department or not doesn’t matter, because our desktop and server support services help in the reduction of our client’s overall IT costs. So, rather than hiring a full-time systems administrator, we take care of our client’s desktop support and server support for their smooth functioning without the additional cost. While also improving their system’s reliability, making sure that it is consistent and well maintained. The best benefit of relying on our professionals is that will they not only manage the client’s desktop and server support but also assist our clients so that they have peace of mind. Knowing that their server is backed up on a regular basis and that the entirety of the systems is kept maintained.

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    We will help you with anything related to your server. From setup, management, maintenance to replacement or upgrades, we can take care of it all! We will also proactively support you in managing and monitoring your servers by helping you predict issues before they even occur.  Our Server Support Services include:

    Proactive Server Management: 

    • Advanced Performance Monitoring :  CPU, Disk, Memory, Connectivity 
    • Key Application Maintenance: Active  Directory Maintenance, Exchange  Maintenance 
    • Automated Patch Management (OS,  Antivirus & 3rd Party Applications) 
    • License & Asset Management 

    Automated Server Backups:

    • Backup Deployment & Configuration 
    • Backup Performance Monitoring 
    • Backup Software Updates 
    • Off-site Cloud Storage 

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