Email Migration

Ready for a change? Let us safely migrate all your emails to a cloud host or a server and your work day will always go uninterrupted!

Email Migration to Office365

Switch to Office 365 to benefit from the always up-to-date Office tools, increase productivity and better manage email and data hosting costs.

Email Migration to G Suite

If you're looking for a collaboration system that can facilitate communication with remote workers, users on the road, suppliers or contractors, then G Suite is the right move for you.

Local Exchange Server to Cloud

Had enough trouble with your local email server? Let us move you to the Cloud, for a more cost sensible, scalable and secure email hosting solution

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    If you decide to shift to another email provider and don’t know where to start, GEEKS can help you migrate your email and data from your current email server to Microsoft Office 365, G Suite or other Cloud hosting solutions, as well as assist you in setting up Microsoft One Drive for Business, so you can store, sync, and share work files in the cloud.

    Emails hosted by third-party providers experience many server issues. A simple email protocol switch from POP3 to IMAP can make a positive difference in the way emails are stored and accessed remotely. Even more so, migrating to an established and widely used service such as Microsoft Office 365 will improve your workflow and positively impact productivity and efficiency in your office environment.

    As a Microsoft partner, GEEKS has the expertise to guide you through every step of the email migration process and provide the necessary training to familiarize you and your team with your new email format and its functionalities.


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