Network Setup & Support Services

GEEKS will support your entire network to ensure security and business continuity through constant monitoring and troubleshooting. We will also help you organize your network’s infrastructure and cabling.

Network Security

We will proactively protect your network against all types of threats and attacks, putting at your service our best practices and tools to monitor access and misuse, encrypt your data and block insecure or suspicious websites with the most performant firewalls and secure VPNs.

Network Troubleshooting & Support

Looking to maximize and maintain your network’s performance? We will identify and support your network issues and will deliver end-to-end troubleshooting services and reduce network congestions through Virtual Local Area Networks (VLAN) and a wide range of solutions.

Network Cabling & Infrastructure

We offer you on-demand network cabling infrastructure services to organize your office, avoid messy cables, risks and replacement hassles of tanked cables.

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    Management of networking infrastructure needs plenty of knowledge, expertise, and exposure to the up-and-coming technology, which many in-house IT personnel can afford. The best IT network support company in Dubai assists many overextended firms to deliver with the best combination of personnel, process, and tools to secure and keep the network environment accessible. By outsourcing, you will be away from the strain of handling time-consuming tasks such as network health monitoring, troubleshooting, configuration, etc. We have a team of specialists who give counseling on the services available and tailor them to your needs, making it not only cost-effective but also efficient. So that our clients can manage all of their business branches without stressing over the technicality of the IT-related operations.

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    With the intense competition in all the different industries and businesses, it is important to find a different strategy to thrive in a turbulent market. So, something that should be considered seriously is in investing in Cloud Technology, as it’s reliable and secure, setting one apart from the existing competition. An ideal solution would be managed network support service, to set apart one from the rest as a professional in the field. Some benefits that can be gained with the help of managed network support services are;

    • Rise in Performance and surge in Productivity.
      Productivity garners value and reputation, so it is rightfully appreciated by business owners. So, it is very important to maximize the performance of their system for a surge in the overall productivity, here is where managed network support services serve their purpose. To enhance the performance of your company, merging of voice and data networks can be done by the best IT network support company in Dubai and be cost-efficient by cutting down support time and promoting saving. Opting for managed network service providers will dramatically lead to increased productivity, resulting in the staff being more efficient and effective.
    • Maintenance
      On a daily basis what hampers most businesses is the possibility of system failure and struggle with it a lot. But there are times when some companies cannot help in the prevention of data loss due to system failure. This is where managed network support service providers come to the rescue. They are equipped with the right tools to support the implementation of software that will secure and upgrade data and systems. No more will frequent data loss be a fear when businesses invest in managed network support services that guarantee security and safety. So, on an ongoing basis, the systems will be monitored and upgraded accordingly in the best interest of the clients.
    • Security of the Network
      Inappropriate web content, spam, intrusions, malware, and viruses are a constant threat to the network infrastructure of every organization. Businesses are often at the risk of derailment of their operations which can severely affect the service and growth of the business. So, with the help of the best IT network support company in Dubai, investing in managed network support services can help in adding an effective layer of impenetrable defense against such risks and malware. Thus, protecting critical applications and transactions, and securing business voice and data networks.
    • Network Health Monitoring
      Our team of specialists ensures 24 hours a day and all-year-round visibility of our client’s network’s health. This is to enhance the consistency of our high-quality service delivered by the best IT network support company in Dubai, which is our primary framework in the best interest of our clients. This also goes hand in hand with the practices of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). Provision of executive and IT Service Management (ITSM) automated workflows is also a service that ensures smooth working. Personalizing customer experience with smooth and optimized service delivery their growth and innovations, thus continuously striving to improve outcomes with creative mechanisms.
    • Management of Network Incidents
      Not only do our professionals monitor the networks constantly for visibility, but they also manage the network. In this case, if any incident should occur, immediate action is taken to isolate the incident and have it resolved accordingly. Depending on the severity of the services required, we add more tools to curb the problem by adding more tools to optimize the network availability.
    • Customized Services Delivered
      Our technical experts assist in providing enhanced maintenance support for our clients as per their requirements for the best optimization of our services. Records of the number of assets consumed by the network are listed, which allows the clients to make changes or improvements for a reliable availability of the network.
      From helping retrieve passwords to access databases, network support specialists can offer a shoulder for the clients to lean on at just the right time. So, hiring third-party network support specialists is very beneficial for the clients, because they can help in preventing and combating the IT-related issues at their root, if or when they occur, thus building a secure and safe network. The size of a client’s enterprise doesn’t matter when it comes to hiring an IT support technician. Whether the client is a small operation firm or is a medium-to-large company, all need network support equally.

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    GEEKS offers the best Network Support Services for your business! Our certified engineers will evaluate your network setup from security and performance to cabling and overall infrastructure.

    Your network will be permanently protected against any risks and threats whether cyber or due to human mistakes.

    Our team of IT Experts can help you by assessing your network’s current protection measures, locating any flaws and recommending the proper tools and measures suitable to your network’s infrastructure.

    Our wide range of services includes data encryption and blocking risky websites and suspicious communications with the implementation of the most up-to-date tools, firewalls, and VPN.

    We will also review and help you implement correct and efficient policies and procedures for Network Management and Support to limit and monitor access, avoid misuse and mitigate risks.

    With certified and performant products from CISCO, as well as a wide array of efficient tools, software, and hardware, we will not only improve your network’s security but will maximize its performance, monitor access to sensitive data and improve network management and troubleshooting.

    We will monitor and manage all your network’s access points, routers and switches to manage connections and improve efficiency and performance.

    We all know how Network Cabling Infrastructure can become messy with time and add-ons. This mess not only increases the risks of human errors or damages but can make a simple plug/unplug task become serious. Our team will help and support you in organizing and tidying up your network for a gain in space, flexibility, and security.


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