Network Setup & Support Services

GEEKS will support your entire network to ensure security and business continuity through constant monitoring and troubleshooting. We will also help you organize your network’s infrastructure and cabling.

Network Security

We will proactively protect your network against all types of threats and attacks, putting at your service our best practices and tools to monitor access and misuse, encrypt your data and block insecure or suspicious websites with the most performant firewalls and secure VPNs.

Network Troubleshooting & Support

Looking to maximize and maintain your network’s performance? We will identify and support your network issues and will deliver end-to-end troubleshooting services and reduce network congestions through Virtual Local Area Networks (VLAN) and a wide range of solutions.

Network Cabling & Infrastructure

We offer you on-demand network cabling infrastructure services to organize your office, avoid messy cables, risks and replacement hassles of tanked cables.

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GEEKS offers the best Network Support Services for your business! Our certified engineers will evaluate your network setup from security and performance to cabling and overall infrastructure.

Your network will be permanently protected against any risks and threats whether cyber or due to human mistakes.

Our team of IT Experts can help you by assessing your network’s current protection measures, locating any flaws and recommending the proper tools and measures suitable to your network’s infrastructure.

Our wide range of services includes data encryption and blocking risky websites and suspicious communications with the implementation of the most up-to-date tools, firewalls, and VPN.

We will also review and help you implement correct and efficient policies and procedures for Network Management and Support to limit and monitor access, avoid misuse and mitigate risks.

With certified and performant products from CISCO, as well as a wide array of efficient tools, software, and hardware, we will not only improve your network’s security but will maximize its performance, monitor access to sensitive data and improve network management and troubleshooting.

We will monitor and manage all your network’s access points, routers and switches to manage connections and improve efficiency and performance.

We all know how Network Cabling Infrastructure can become messy with time and add-ons. This mess not only increases the risks of human errors or damages but can make a simple plug/unplug task become serious. Our team will help and support you in organizing and tidying up your network for a gain in space, flexibility, and security.


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