IT Health Checks & Audit Services

Looking for a comprehensive IT Health Check to assess and improve your IT Infrastructure? GEEKS will provide you with a proper IT Audit to identify current or potential issues and risk areas. We will then offer you, according to our findings, a complete set of recommendations.

Network Infrastructure Audit

We will make sure all access controls are secure with no intrusion risks, as well as inspect the network room locations. We will also review your current policies and procedures and identify areas of concerns to help you increase your network security and avoid data losses.

Security Audit

We will ensure your network and entire infrastructure are highly secured against cyber attacks, threats, and physical risks. We will also make sure that your data remains protected and confidential. Checking firewall rules and performing security tests. Providing you with recommendations on how to improve and reinforce your security.

Storage Backup Audit

We will test your server backups and recovery processes for all data throughout your entire infrastructure to determine vulnerable spots, improve them and ensure successful and secure backups to avoid losses in case of hardware or other failures.

End-point Audit (Laptops, desktops and servers)

Unprotected laptops are often used by unauthorized users or connected to unknown networks, their security is essential to avoid data related disasters and the loss of confidential and critical data.
We will assess and improve their security while also evaluating hardware conditions and performance to ensure continuous business uptime.

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